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No, for reals.  This was bad.  Days later and I’m still pissed.  It was edible, but I imagine shoe leather is too in a pinch and it might have actually had better taste and texture.  There wasn’t an active link, so I should have known better.  How would have I improved on it?  I would have tried a real recipe.


Sometimes my modifications work

I’ll admit I have problems with listening.  I don’t follow directions well, especially if they come from a blog.  This time my stubbornness worked out for me.  Recipe here.



I spend quite a bit of time looking for chicken recipes that my boyfriend won’t complain about.  If it isn’t beef or sausage, he doesn’t want it.  

Anyway, this dish is awesome.  I used thinner pieces of chicken breast, which negated the need for cutting the slits into the meat.  I only soaked the chicken for about six hours, but the recipe suggests you do it longer (possibly overnight?), but it turned out just fine.  I also used freshly grated parmesan instead of the stuff from the can but I crumbled it up in my hands.  I have an entire box of regular Panko, so I wasn’t going to buy the whole wheat that I will probably never use again.  The chicken came out wonderfully tender and juicy.

I served it on top of angel hair pasta with a jar of Ragu mixed in with sauteed mushrooms, onions and minced garlic along with various other Italian spices that I add by taste instead of measurement.



I made this one a while ago.  I was really fiending for brownies and it was late at night, so I wasn’t about to go to the store to pick up baking chocolate like every other recipe ever calls for.  So I was pretty excited about this because I had all the ingredients on hand besides the food coloring and because red velvet is my favorite cake.

Boy was I disappointed. Recipe here.


I mean, they weren’t terrible or anything, but I actually prefer the boxed mix to this.  They were just kind of dry.  Maybe they would have been better had I actually used the food coloring.  The brownies got better in the center, but they were just kind of blah.

My advice is stop being lazy and actually use the baking chocolate if you want to make brownies.

I can’t say frittata without laughing. Thanks, The League.

During football season, I’ve been either making or purchasing breakfast every Sunday.  I made the mistake of making these frittatas (lol) on a day when I had way too much other food to offer. Recipe here.


They were easy and tasty.  I only used bacon and shredded Mexican blend cheese in mine, but I’m sure they’d be good with any other pre-cooked ingredient.  We all went nuts on the other food and these mostly got left out.  I feel kind of blase about them.  Sure, make these if you want to, I guess.  It won’t be bad.

No, really, how does this even work?

I love cooking with a crock pot because I’m lazy, but sometimes my laziness interferes with my laziness.  Sometimes I don’t want to get up early enough to throw all the stuff into the pot before I go to work or go about doing SO MANY ERRANDS (ok, still mostly nothing) on my day off.  This pin is almost too easy to be real Recipe here.


Seriously, you just throw all the stuff in, mix, then leave it alone.  You don’t even have to stir every 2-4 hours (because really, am I supposed to go home and do that on my lunch break or something?)

This is an awesome way to cook a roast.  I don’t even want to know how the Coke makes it taste so good and manages not to explode.  The boyfriend hates “all things with gravy” but he liked this.  Cook this roast.  Do it.

I learned something the other day…

I’m constantly on the hunt for good ways to cook side dishes because I’m pretty much at a loss for what to do with them.  There’s only so many ways you can cook a potato.  Plus, the boyfriend hates pretty much all side dishes except a vague description of “potatoes… but not mashed…”  He still at least tries pretty much anything I cook, but there’s really not many other options available (eat or starve).

I’m a huge fan of broccoli and he (of course) hates it.  So, when I saw this pin, I really hoped for the best. Recipe here.


I had attempted something like this before with a description from a co-worker without any real measurements.  Things did not go well.

I was pleased with the final results this time around, but the boyfriend said it was too salty.  I tend to agree, but it’s probably because I used regular iodized salt instead of kosher salt.  Otherwise, delicious and I highly recommend this dish.

So what did I learn?  I learned the all-important difference between table salt and kosher salt.  Plus, I learned what lemon zest is and how to obtain it (derp).

First post: my inspiration for this blog

I’m one of the (what seems like) bajillion women out there on Pinterest (follow slwirthwein) and I pin a lot of food stuff.  I joke around a lot that nobody ever cooks what the pin, so I challenged myself to be the person that does, with mixed results.  In the next few posts, I’m going to be blogging what I’ve cooked from memory before deciding to start this blog, as well as actually tracking my progress with pictures like a good food blogger.

Ok, so, the inspiration for this blog was this, which was popular for a while (Recipe here):


I cooked this with the help of my brother because he was working from home and I wouldn’t have time to cook or grab any food on the way home from work for our last minute fantasy football draft.  It was awful.  When it was done cooking, the concoction was super runny, so I mixed in the minute rice I had just cooked.  I have never had anything so bland in my life.  I even used the hot Rotel because I like spicy food and my brother, boyfriend and I used a bottle and a half of Frank’s Red Hot.

To improve this, I would dump in a whole bottle of hot sauce and a medium can of jalapenos.  Maybe try using chicken that isn’t frozen so it’s not so runny.