First post: my inspiration for this blog

I’m one of the (what seems like) bajillion women out there on Pinterest (follow slwirthwein) and I pin a lot of food stuff.  I joke around a lot that nobody ever cooks what the pin, so I challenged myself to be the person that does, with mixed results.  In the next few posts, I’m going to be blogging what I’ve cooked from memory before deciding to start this blog, as well as actually tracking my progress with pictures like a good food blogger.

Ok, so, the inspiration for this blog was this, which was popular for a while (Recipe here):


I cooked this with the help of my brother because he was working from home and I wouldn’t have time to cook or grab any food on the way home from work for our last minute fantasy football draft.  It was awful.  When it was done cooking, the concoction was super runny, so I mixed in the minute rice I had just cooked.  I have never had anything so bland in my life.  I even used the hot Rotel because I like spicy food and my brother, boyfriend and I used a bottle and a half of Frank’s Red Hot.

To improve this, I would dump in a whole bottle of hot sauce and a medium can of jalapenos.  Maybe try using chicken that isn’t frozen so it’s not so runny.


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