A Do-able Dessert

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I pin a lot of desserts that look amazing, but then I read the recipe and just go “fuck that shit.”  I finally found something delicious that didn’t require two days of preparation.



Strawberry Cake

My grandma always made this amazing strawberry cake from scratch and I don’t think she ever wrote the recipe down anywhere.  Unfortunately, she died a couple years ago and I’ve tried to find something that comes close.  This isn’t quite what she made… it’s better.

Sure, this still requires a little bit of work.  Smashing out the strawberries and collecting enough juice really takes some elbow grease, but it’s totally worth it.  I brought this to my boyfriend’s parents’ house for Mothers Day and it was a big hit.  Unfortunately, I didn’t dry the strawberry slices in the middle enough and the cake fell apart and the icing got really runny.  When I make this again, I’ll leave them out.  The cake is good enough on its own.


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